Iftarparty.com launches it’s Iftar-only delivery services in Hyderabad

Brings exclusive iftar menu from the kitchen of Pista House at the comfort of your home/office.

In an announcement today in Hyderabad, Iftarparty.com shared that it has launched it’s online-only iftar delivery service for the lovers of Hyderabad cuisine. Although iftar is the meal with which Muslims break their fasts, during the month of Ramadan, worldwide – it’s thoroughly enjoyed by people of all faith. It has always been an uptrend for food sales during the month of Ramadan, specially the popular, Ramadan-only delicacies like Haleem.

What makes iftarparty.com’s proposition even more tastier is the fact, that they are working with Pista House – the celebrated, largest Haleem seller in the world and bringing a menu exclusively for the month of Ramadan. Along with the obvious Haleem, the Iftar box on iftarparty.com will have 6 other different menu items, that makes it a very fulfilling iftar meal.  With increasing internet penetration, the Foodtech industry has seen a spike in food delivery orders. Last year, Economic Times quoted RedSeer reported “India’s online food delivery market — comprising aggregators and internet kitchens — grew at 150 per cent in 2016 with an estimated GMV of USD 300 million, despite low investor sentiment and players scaling down operations or shutting shop”.

Pista house haleem

Leveraging this trend, iftarparty.com aims at making it convenient not just for the people who fast, but also for all the Haleem lovers, to get Haleem & delicious snacks in the Iftar Box, right where they are. This is directly brought to the consumers from the kitchens of Pista House. Meraj Faheem, CEO of Iftarparty.com stated “Iftarparty.com is one of the very few ‘iftar only’ ordering platforms that provides their customers what they actually want for iftar. This would have been really difficult without Pista House. Their understanding of taste and market is amazing. Food lovers in Hyderabad don’t have to wait for an Iftar Party happen; they can now simply treat themselves on iftarparty.com.” Meraj Faheem is a serial entrepreneur who runs TheHackingSchool.com, which is India’s first coding bootcamp and Code.ae.

pista house haleem

Adding to it, Abdul Mohsi, MD of Pista House stated “I’m excited to serve all the lovers of Haleem everywhere, irrespective of where they are – online or offline. He also mentioned “I’m glad to see iftarparty.com’s work to serve food lovers better”. Earlier this month Pista House has launched chain of 3 restaurants across Hyderabad in – Kondapur, Gachibowli and Chikkadpally. They came with India’s First Juice Factory concept eatery at Chikkadpally, which is already a hit among the local citizens.

Earlier this month, Uber announced Uber Eats, it’s food delivery service for Mumbai, delivering food from local restaurants. Other popular food delivery services in India includes Swiggy and Foodpanda. In a question to how different is iftarparty.com from other’s, Meraj, mentioned “iftarparty.com is not just a food deliver service. Our focus is on delivering only the best, specialized, curated menu to the food lover. That’s the difference. We are exclusive.”

Iftarparty.com will start taking orders from 27th May, 2017. The order taking window is open between 11am – 5 pm. 

Web: http://iftarparty.com

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